What size filament does Prusa use?

Build Volume25×21×21 cm (9.84″×8.3″×8.3″)
Filament diameter1.75 mm
Supported materialsWide range of thermoplastics, including PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, PC (Polycarbonate), CPE, PVA/BVOH, PVB, HIPS, PP (Polypropylene), Flex, nGen, Nylon, Carbon filled, Woodfill and other filled materials.

What size nozzle does Prusa use?

This 0.4mm diameter nozzle is the default nozzle for the Original Prusa MINI. It is also compatible with the standard E3D V6 hotend and can be used as an alternative nozzle for Original Prusa 3D printers – MK2/S, MK2.

What size nozzle should I use for miniatures?

The 0.25mm nozzle can be used not only to print miniatures but also to produce cool business cards and other objects where precision is extremely important.

What size extruder do I need?

The best nozzle size to choose is a 0.4mm nozzle for most standard 3D printing. If you want to 3D print highly detailed models, use a 0.2mm nozzle. If you want to 3D print quicker, use a 0.8mm nozzle. For filaments that are abrasive like wood-fill PLA, you should use a 0.4mm nozzle or larger.

How much does nozzle size affect 3D printing?

Basically the smaller the nozzle size, the higher you increase your chances of 3D printer problems. Especially if you’re using cheap filament – it might work fine with lower detail, thick nozzles, but if you want specialist prints with small nozzles, it’s key to using pure, high-quality filaments.

What does changing nozzle size affect 3D printing?

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How do I print a .2mm nozzle?

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