What size linear rails do I need for Ender 3?

Please note: these adapters require MGN12H or C rails for the Ender-3, and MGN9C rails for the Ender-5. The length required is 300mm (CR-10 coming soon). This kit allows you to add linear rails to your printer’s Y-axis, replacing the factory V-slot roller wheels entirely.

How do you choose a linear rail?

  1. Height tolerance of the rail and block assembly.
  2. Permissible difference in height between multiple blocks on the same rail.
  3. Width tolerance of the rail and block assembly.
  4. Permissible difference in width between multiple blocks on same rail.

How do you align linear guides?

WorkHorse 3D Printer – Linear Rail Alignment

What is LM guide ways?

Linear guideways provides linear motion by re-circulating rolling elements between a profiled rail and a bearing block. The coefficient of friction on a linear guideway is only 1/50 compared to a traditional slide and they are able to take loads in all directions.

What is linear guide rail?

A linear guide rail is a fixed beam cut to length, along which any number of items can move freely using linear movement, depending on the load needed and the configuration of the fixture. The carriage which sits on the linear rail, contains the linear bearings which provide contact points between the two.

What is linear rail system?

Linear rails are linear assemblies that have twin parallel tracks containing load-supporting balls or rollers. The backbone of many industrial applications, they provide low-friction guidance and high stiffness for loads that can range from just a few grams to thousands of kilograms.

How do you use a linear guide?


How do linear guides work?

The linear guide blocks move down the length of the linear rail along the plane it was positioned for. Also known as “linear bearings and rails,” or “linear guideways,” linear guide systems support and guide a load or mounted tool using precise, smooth linear motion.

What is a linear motion system?

Linear motion systems — consisting of a base or housing, a guide system, and a driving mechanism — are available in a wide variety of designs and configurations to suit almost any application. And because their designs are so varied, they’re often categorized according to key construction and operating principles.

How do you use linear rails?

How to use 20mm Hiwin linear rail

How do you fix the Y axis in Ender 3?

Section 6.2 X Axis Issues and 7.2 Y Axis Belt Tension featuring the …


Micro Swiss Linear Rail System

How To Install 3Dfused X & Z Axis Linear Rail Kit for Ender 3 …

Linear rails guide and test on Ender 3 and Ender 5

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