What slicer does Elegoo Mars 2 use?

The most used slicer for the Elegoo Mars is Chitubox. Other well-known slicing programs are Photon workshop, Lychee Slicer and the Prusa Slicer, but are usually not used in combination with the Elegoo Mars. Chitubox slicer is one of the mostly used 3D-printing programs to prepare a print job.

Does lychee slicer work on Elegoo Mars?

Announcing good news! ELEGOO Mars 3 printer now supports the Lychee Slicer 3.6 and the following versions! This means, when you print with Mars 3, you can slice selecting the Mars 3 model directly in Lychee Slicer. Our engineers also did some internal tests and everything works fine, then we’re here to share the news!

How do you use Prusa slicer with Elegoo Mars?

Elegoo mars how to: Prusa slicer to Chitubox

What format does lychee slicer use?

Free Zone and STL Export – You can prepare your files in Lychee Slicer using the robust support engine, and export your fully supported scene as an STL file. This file can then be opened in the additional software required by your 3D printer.

Who makes lychee slicer?

Meet The Team. Mango 3D develops software and hardware solutions for the 3D printing world, for individuals, professionals, and manufacturers. Our main software, Lychee Slicer, is one of the leaders in file preparation before 3D printing, used by a rapidly growing number of users.

How do you pan fry a lychee slicer?

How to use the camera in Lychee

How do you use the Chitubox in Elegoo Mars 2 Pro?

Setting up Chitubox with ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro

How do I update Elegoo Mars 2 mono?

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro – Firmware Update

What is better than Chitubox?

  • Software Substitutes.
  • Considerations.
  • FormWare 3D.
  • Lychee Slicer.
  • Photon Workshop.
  • PrusaSlicer.
  • Triangulatica Slicer.
  • Zortrax Z-Suite.


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Elegoo mars how to: Prusa slicer to Chitubox

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