What temperature should it be to dry PLA?

Oven Drying – DIYers and professional 3D printers still utilize oven baking to get the moisture out of ABS and PLA filament. The drying process is similar to baking your favorite thanksgiving turkey. Just place your filament spool inside an oven and set it at the right temperature: 104 to 113°F (40 – 45 °C) for PLA.

How long should I dry PLA?

Drying PLA in an Oven – The recommended PLA filament drying temperature is 40-45°C at a time of 4-5 hours, which is right below this filament’s glass transition temperature, meaning the temperature at which it softens up to a certain level.

How long can you leave PLA filament out?

According to most users, even with 40% humidity, their PLA filament was alright for up to 4 days. The filament might become a bit brittle but overall it is not very risky to leave it out there.

Is PLA affected by humidity?

PLA is an organic material that readily absorbs moisture, and is extremely sensitive to trace water content. Moisture also affects the diameter of the filament when it in storage.

Are filament dryers worth it?

Ready-made filament dryers may be worth the price if you live in humid areas, 3D print often, and are willing to invest in it. These also have extra, useful features. However, some alternatives work just as well but may involve more effort or are inaccurate.

How can you tell if PLA is wet?

The easiest way is to extrude some filament and watch it come out of the nozzle. If you see any bubbles, hear any hissing/popping/cracking, or see steam coming off the filament, then it’s definitely wet and needs to be dried out.

Is PLA more brittle than PETG?

PETG has been on the uprise since a couple of years and is praised for having the ease of printing of PLA but being less brittle and thermally more resistant.

At what temperature does PLA become brittle?

Heating PLA Filament Roll – You’ll want to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 50°C when you’re heating the entire roll of filament. You mustn’t exceed the suggested heating temperature as the whole reel may turn soft and rubbery.

Can you melt PLA in an oven?

Reshaping the PLA – Distribute the scraps evenly and put the piece of glass on the tray as well so it can be heated up in the oven. Not heating the glass will cause it to break when you then use it to press the hot PLA.

Why does filament need to be dried?

To remove excess moisture from material, it is necessary to place a filament spool in a suitable device to dry it. The time and temperature at which the heating operation should be carried out depends on the material used.

How dry should filament dry box be?

Filament should stay pretty dry in this box due to its silica gel packets and there are also other features that contribute to the box’s usefulness. The box has hinges that allow you to easily access your filament, and there are bearings and aluminum tubes that let your spool spin easily during printing.


Do you really need to dry your filament?

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