When did 3D house printing start?

But FDM is not even the first 3D printing technology developed, and 3D printing actually started in the 1980s.

When did 3D printing homes start?

The 3D Print Canal House was a construction project. The first residential building in Europe and the CIS, constructed using the 3D printing construction technology, was the home in Yaroslavl (Russia) with the area of 298.5 sq. meters. The walls of the building were printed by the company SPECAVIA in December 2015.

Can I get a 3D printed house in Michigan?

There has reportedly not been a 3D-printed house in Michigan yet, but such homes do exist in Iowa, Texas, and Virginia, along with some European countries.

How long did it take to build the first 3D-printed house?

Alquist used a massive 3D printer to create the structure of the home out of concrete, rather than wood and other traditional materials. The process took just 28 hours — the typical Habitat for Humanity house takes at least four weeks to construct — and it cut building costs by 15% per square foot.

Which countries have 3D printed houses?

  • India: A single-storey home in just five days.
  • The Netherlands: A European first.
  • US: Mixed-material homes in Texas.


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