Where is Elegoo located?

Established in March 2015, Elegoo Inc. is a thriving technology company dedicated to open-source hardware research & development, production, and marketing. Located in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China, we have grown to over 50+ employees with a 10,763+ square ft. factory.

How do I contact Elegoo?

  1. For Arduino kits, robots, and other technical support: [email protected] (North America); [email protected] (Europe, UK, Asia & Australia)
  2. For 3D Printer technical support: [email protected]

Where does Elegoo ship from?

If you purchase directly from our website, we will ship the products from our local warehouses in the US and EU via our cooperated carriers. If you purchase from Amazon by click the “Buy on Amazon” button on the product pages, Amazon will choose the carrier for the delivery.

Which is better Elegoo or Arduino?

Although both Arduino and Elegoo are similar in terms of starter kit Arduino UNOs starts getting expensive if you need to build a lot of projects under one workbench, but Elegoo even with half the price on starter kits, packs greater buying advantage for people.

Does Elegoo own Arduino?

Elegoo is yet another big name that designs and manufactures branded Arduino electronic kits. It is also involved in the development, production, and marketing of Raspberry Pi accessories, 3D printers, and STM32. Elegoo specializes in open-source hardware research, development and production of Arduino kits.


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