Where is QIDI located?

Qidi Technology – 3D Printers. Zhejiang QIDI Technology Co., Ltd is located in the city of Ruian,Zhejiang Province. We are a high-tech enterprise which is early to reseraching, developing, and marketing professional 3D printers in China.

Is QIDI tech open source?

Software and firmware – Indeed, like other QIDI 3D printers, the Xsmart is open-source and has no software compatibility limitations.

What is a good support density?

Especially for 90-degree overhangs, a support density of at least 15% is recommended. Support removal: The denser the supports are, the harder it is to remove them (and the more material you waste).

How do you make a 3D printer support?

Underneath the custom options there is a button that says “generate support.” Click the button and Meshmixer will generate supports for 3D printing the model. File > Export > STL. Now all you have to do is export your file! Go to “file” > “export” and save your model as an STL file.

How do I find supports at Cura?

Click on – Click off – Supports in Cura 4.8 – YouTube

How do you purge the filament in Ender 3?

Click the LCD knob to open the settings menu and scroll to Move Axis > 1 mm > Extruder. Use the scroll to move the extruder axis 15 to 20 mm. The extruder will start feeding material through the nozzle, which purges the old filament and feeds in the new filament.

How do you load filaments into Ender 5 plus?

How to Build a Creality Ender 5 Plus – YouTube

How do you change PLA?

How To Change Filament On A Ender 3 – YouTube


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