Where is the cooling fan on a 3D printer?

Hot end: Fans will be found in the vicinity of the cold end or heatsink of your printer’s hot end. These are used to keep everything except the heater block and nozzle from getting too hot during a print. 3D prints: Part cooling fans blow a stream of cold air just under the nozzle, cooling off freshly-extruded plastic.

What is a cooling fan in a 3D printer?

The layer fan is a small fan placed in the 3D printer head, aimed at the printed part and cools the plastic as it comes out of the hot end. The job of the layer fan is to cool the plastic once it has been deposited so that the part solidifies quickly and the molten plastic does not become deformed.

How do you cool a 3D printer?

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Why is my printer overheating?

Not enough cooling – A common cause of overheating is that the filament is not cooled fast enough when it is poured. The filament coming out of the extruder head can be as high as 250°C, depending on the filament being printed.

How do you water cool a 3D printer?

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How do you test a Hotend fan?

You can easily test the nozzle Hotend fan function from the LCD menu Preheat – PLA. From when the Hotend temperature reaches 50 °C, the fan should immediately spin up.


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