Where should I store my 3D printer?

The usual places people put a 3D printer are in a workshop, garage, home office, wash-room, or basement. You’d just need about four square feet of space and a shelf. It’s not recommended to keep a 3D printer in your bedroom, bathroom, living room/family room or kitchen.

What is the best way to store 3D printer filament?

Use double-zipped vacuum bags with a valve for sucking the air out with a standard vacuum cleaner. Place silica gel beads inside the bags to absorb any remaining moisture. Store your filament spools in transparent storage boxes with sealed lids.

How long can you store 3D printer filament?

Typically, PLA Filament has a shelf life of about 2-3 years. This means you can buy it, store it in a cool, dry, and dark place in its original packaging (to prevent moisture), and still be able to print with it almost 3 years later. Keep in mind that after 2 years the print quality may start to degrade.

Do 3D printers work in the cold?

You can 3D print in a cold or hot room as long as your 3D printer has the proper conditions, such as a constant printing temperature and the right kind of materials. If you try to 3D print ABS in a cold room, you are likely to run into massive warping problems, while PLA could be pulled off.

Can you leave 3D printer unattended?

You should not leave your 3D printer unattended, since it poses various major hazards. There have been reported cases of printers catching on fire due to poor wiring or heated bed failures.


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