Which laser is used in SLM?

The process is repeated layer after layer until the part is complete. SLM machines predominantly uses a high-powered Yb-fiber optic laser with standard laser powers ranging from 100 – 1000W.

What type of laser is used in SLM *?

The process is repeated layer after layer until the part is complete. SLM machines predominantly uses a high-powered Yb-fiber optic laser with standard laser powers ranging from 100 – 1000W.

What is laser remelting?

Laser remelting is a non-additive process that utilizes a laser to impart energy to the surface of a base component. This changes the part’s microstructure to achieve new hardness or performance goals. Kondex technology prevents surface vaporization, which could otherwise have unintended performance results.

What is SLM technique?

Selective laser melting (SLM) is one of the new additive manufacturing techniques that emerged in the late 1980s and 1990s. During the SLM process, a product is formed by selectively melting successive layers of powder by the interaction of a laser beam.

Does SLM require support material?

Selective Laser Sintering and Binder Jetting are both powder-based technologies that typically do not require any support structures. This is because with both technologies, printed parts are encapsulated in the loose powder which takes the role of the support structure.

How Fast Is laser sintering?

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is an industrial 3D printing process that produces accurate – rapid prototypes and functional production parts in as fast as 1 day.

What materials can be used in SLM?

  • Steel and iron-based alloys.
  • Nickel-based alloys.
  • Titanium-based alloys.
  • Aluminium alloys.
  • Alumina.
  • Silicon carbide.
  • Yttria stabilised zirconia.

When laser solidifying powder layers are used to make an object the process is known as?

2.2 Stereolithography. SLA, also known as vat photopolymerization, is a method of creating 3D objects using a light-emitting device (laser or digital light processing) that illuminates and cures a liquid photopolymer resin (thermosetting plastic) layer by layer [96].

WHAT IS lens in additive manufacturing?

Advances in Additive Manufacturing and Tooling – LENS is an extension of laser cladding process in which multiple layers are deposited to form a predefined object. Powders are blown through nozzle into a melt pool created by laser beam on the substrate to make a deposited line.

Which form of raw materials is used in DMLS printing machine?

DMLS i.e. Direct Metal Laser sintering is a type of additive manufacturing that uses metal powder as raw material to produce metal products out of the machine. DMLS was developed by Elextrolux Rapid Development and the EOS firm of Munich, Germany.

Which laser is used in SLS?

SLS uses a computer-controlled CO2 laser versus an ND: YAG fiber laser for DMLS, but both “draw” slices of a CAD model in a bed of material, fusing micron-sized particles of material one layer at a time.

Which material is used in SLS?

The most common material for selective laser sintering is nylon, a highly capable engineering thermoplastic for both functional prototyping and end-use production. Nylon is ideal for complex assemblies and durable parts with high environmental stability.

What sintering means?

Sintering, which is also called ‘frittage,’ is the process of forming a solid mass of material through heat and pressure without melting to the point of liquefaction. This process involves the atoms in materials diffusing across the particle boundaries and fusing together into one piece.

What industries use selective laser sintering?

SLS is used in a variety of end-use applications in industries including automotive and aerospace. Considering its robustness and capability to produce highly complex parts, SLS can introduce major time and cost savings for small-run parts that would otherwise require assembly with traditional manufacturing.

Is powder-based RP method?

In powder-based rapid prototyping techniques, powder compaction is used to create thin layers of fine powder that are locally bonded. By stacking these layers of locally bonded material, an object is made.


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