Who invented material extrusion?

Material extrusion technology was first developed in the 1980s by S. Scott Crump under the registered name of fused deposition modeling (FDM). The term fused deposition modeling (FDM) and its abbreviation FDM are trademarked by Stratasys Inc, a company co-founded by Scott Crump.

When was material extrusion invented?

Material extrusion was invented and patented by Scott Crump in 1989 and introduced to the market as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) by Stratasys, the company Crump co-founded. Stratasys popularized the use of FDM in a variety of industries.

When was extrusion first used?

In 1797, Joseph Bramah patented the first extrusion process for making pipe out of soft metals.

Who invented aluminum extrusion?

In 1797, Joseph Bramah patented the extrusion process which was first created for manufacturing lead pipes.

What is extrusion manufacturing?

Extrusion is a technique where molten polymer is forced through a die and is used to produce components of a fixed cross-sectional area such as tubes and rods. From: Biomaterials, Artificial Organs and Tissue Engineering, 2005.

What is metal extrusion?

Metal extrusion is a forming process in which we force a metal (either hot or cold) through a die. This imparts the die shape to the extruded metal as it passes through the cavity. The material emerging from the die is known as “extrudate”. The metal endures compressive and shear stress to achieve the die shape.

Who invented the extruder?

In 1797 the extrusion process was patented by the inventor Joseph Bramah. He used it to make lead pipes and also machinery for making gun stocks (Patent No. 2652). After pre-heating the metal he used a hand driven plunger to force it through a die.

What is pipe extrusion?

A pipe extrusion line consists of different parts. An extruder converts raw plastic material into a continuous tubular melt by extrusion through an annular die. The molten pipe then proceeds through a sizing or calibration bench (which adjust its dimensions) to a cooling tank.

Is plastic extrusion cheap?

Plastic extrusion tooling is normally considerably cheaper than tooling for other plastic manufacturing methods. Co extrusion is also possible where two or more machines are used to feed a single die head, often useful where multiple layers of different materials are required for use in the product.


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