Why additive manufacturing process is preferred?

The benefits of additive manufacturing on supply chains takes many forms. It reduces material waste, simplifies production processes, and the on-demand production offered by additive manufacturing improves supply chain flexibility because the finished product can be manufactured in proximity to the end-user.

Why do companies use additive manufacturing?

Using additive manufacturing enables companies to create better, lighter, more complex parts and products that simply were not possible or cost-effective to make using subtractive manufacturing methods. These, in turn, enable new ranges of products with increased functionality.

Can additive manufacturing replace traditional manufacturing?

Yes it can replace the conventional manufacturing, but not in all cases. It is very much a revolution in certain manufacturing processes used in Rapid Prototyping and Sintering processes.

What is difference between additive and subtractive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing processes build objects by adding material layer by layer, while subtractive manufacturing removes material to create parts.

Is molding additive manufacturing?

Both injection molding and 3D printing are additive manufacturing processes that create highly complex parts using near-identical product runs.

Which of the following approach does the additive manufacturing machines use primarily?

Additive manufacturing (AM) is fundamentally different from traditional formative or subtractive manufacturing in that it is the closest to the ‘bottom up’ manufacturing where a structure can be built into its designed shape using a ‘layer-by-layer‘ approach rather than casting or forming by technologies such as

What are the limitations of subtractive manufacturing?

  • Cannot alter volumetric density of building material.
  • Material wastage takes place.
  • Process planning is mandatory (it is laborious task that needs a lot of data).
  • Limited capability in feature form (enclosed features cannot be generated).

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