Will PETG hold up in a hot car?

If PETG is deforming in a hot car, you should reconsider where you’re buying it from: proper PETG should be good up to at least 70°C (160°F), and more commonly 90°C (195°F). @Mark not really: it holds shape up to 90 °C, but it loses strength much earlier.

Can you leave PETG in car?

PETG can be used for various applications and can be kept in the car as well. If you live in an area where outdoor temperatures can get to 40°C (104°F) then it may not be possible for PETG models to stay in the car for a very long time without getting significantly softer or showing signs of warping.

How do I know if my PETG filament is bad?

  1. Damaged Printer Extruder. Your 3D printer’s extruder is the device that feeds your PETG filament through the printing nozzle.
  2. Faster Material Deterioration.
  3. Lowered Tensile Strength.
  4. Reduced Quality 3D Prints.

Does PETG warp in heat?

Printing on a heated bed helps maintain uniformity in the model’s temperature. A heated build plate will also improve material adhesion to the bed, which is important to prevent PETG warping. The right temperature to use is the one recommended by your filament manufacturer.

What causes PETG warping?

The problem occurs because the temperature differences between layers of extruded plastic are too big. This, in turn, creates tension within the model, and when it gets to be too much, lower layers start to drag or lift, creating a warp.

How do I stop PETG lifting?

  1. Level The Bed. The unleveled bed surface is the first and most common cause of corner lifting (warpage).
  2. Adjust The Z Offset.
  3. Improve Bed Adhesion.
  4. Turn Off The Cooling Fans.
  5. Increase Base Area.
  6. Prevent airflows.
  7. Ues An Enclosure.
  8. Adjust Nozzle And Bed Temperatures.


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